30 years of experience. The latest technology.

IM Loyalty is based on more than 30 years of experience developing customer clubs and loyalty programs.
Our platforms are used by leading retailers such as Choice Hotels, KappAhl, Intersport, Jula and NK to run their award winning loyalty programs.

Experience combined with the latest technologies and a modern, intuitive user interface: that’s IM Loyalty.
A smart cloud solution for increased sales.

Modern cloud service with modules

Easy to set up. Easy to get results.

IM Loyalty is a standardized cloud service that makes adding modules and integrations easy. With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to set up and start creating results. There’s no need for large consulting projects. Connect your external systems without worry. And as your business grows, our system will seamlessly grow with it.

In short: Big potential without big investments.



Marketing Automation

Responsive Design

Customer Journey

Easy Onboarding with Omnichannel

Event-driven Communication

API for Easy Integration

Personalised Communication

Easy Onboarding with Omnichannel

It should be easy to get new members. IM Loyalty talks to your systems, apps, websites or a tablet in your store.

Responsive Design

Work on the device that suits your business practice and lifestyle. Laptop, tablet, smartphone: IM Loyalty will be there whenever, wherever you need it.

Customer Journey

To better understand your customers and to provide better customer insight, we have created customer journey, an interactive timeline where you can monitor all customer activities.


Connect with customers using their preferred channel or mix channels to spread your campaign’s message more effectively.

Marketing Automation

Automate your communication to achieve optimal customer dialogue and save time.

Trigger Communication

Communicate with customers exactly when and where the message will matter to them the most.

Personalized Communication

Personalize your communications. It’s a simple way to craft a message with meaning. Make the message matter to your customer and watch your response rates rise.

API for Maximum Integration

IM Loyalty is built on a powerful API that allows it to easily connect to other systems and retrieve or submit data

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