Why IM Loyalty?

You will increase your sales – both in the short and long term

Members of customer clubs are more profitable. We refer to it as the increased lifetime value of members. Statistics reflect their value and demonstrate why choosing IM Loyalty is profitable:


Loyal customers will stay longer


Loyal customers spend more on average


Loyal customers are more positive about you and your brand


Loyal customers recommend you to friends

In addition to the long-term effects there are great opportunities to make individual campaigns that have a direct impact on your sales. Our experience shows, that a single campaign can generate more sales than the annual cost of the system.

30 years of experience – The latest technology.

We have developed systems and services for intelligent customer communication since the 80’s. As we develop future platforms for CRM, we take with us all the experience. But we use the latest technology. Everything from the database to the user interface is developed with new technology – which makes it easier to develop further and connect to other systems.

Leading and award-winning provider of Loyalty Programs

Companies like Choice Hotels, KappAhl, Jula, Intersport, Bauhaus, NK and SF Bio use our systems. Among fierce competition, these clients have won awards for “best loyalty programs” on numerous occasions. What makes us especially proud is that these competitions focus on the proven effects of the loyalty programs. Maybe that’s why our clients remain with us and keep developing their programs on our platform.

What can we gain by choosing IM Loyalty?

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